We wish to express our thanks to all who have enquired about continuing to give tithes and offerings during this time when we cannot meet at church.

For those who wish to continue to give,
you can make a deposit here:
Republic Bank account # 350101698101
Account name: Agape Bible Ministries

For those wishing to give online:
Please note that deposits being transferred between accounts at Republic Bank can display the person's name if its placed in the field "Reference Name".
We are therefore proposing the following for interbank transfers:

Members in need of confirmation that their deposits have been received can then email copies/pics of their online receipts or deposit slips to the new email address:    blessabm2020@gmail.com

Alternatively, you may provide the following information in an email sent to the same email address:
1. Member's Name.
2. Date and time of transaction.
3. Transaction ID - [Unique Reference No. For Transfer].
4. Amount transferred.
5. Beneficiary's Name:  Agape Bible Ministries
6. Purpose:  Tithes / Offerings/ Special Gift etc

You can request an email response confirming the deposit.